Candy Crush Saga’s Developer Has a $7.6 Billion Valuation

It’s a simple game with cute visuals, but Candy Crush Saga is more than just a bite-sized mobile game; it’s a cash-making monster.

Candy Crush Saga‘s developer, King, has opened up an IPO that if successful will lead to a valuation of $7.6 billion. Candy Crush Saga is responsible for 78% of the company’s revenue.

More than anything this demonstrates why many developers have moved to the mobile space. The market is absurdly profitable if tapped into. It’s not slowing down, either. The mobile market has continued to grow heading into Spring 2014, giving developers an even larger install base to produce content for than ever before.

One can argue that Candy Crush Saga isn’t a very creative game, either. It’s a variation of the well-known Bejeweled, a 13 year old game, that has done just enough to capture the attention of millions of smartphone owners around the world.

King recently came under public scrutiny for filing a lawsuit against Stoic’s The Banner Saga for using the word ‘saga’ in its name. After weeks of negative media attention it dropped the suit.

Although King is at the top of the totem pole right now, mobile games rarely retain spotlight for more than a couple months. Games like Draw Something and Words With Friends propelled Zynga into the billions only to have it come crashing down in roaring flames within months. Given its volatility, King needs to be extremely careful with how it manages Candy Crush Saga and its growth.