What If Dark Souls Were an 80s Cartoon?

Dark Souls 2 has been reimagined as an 80s cartoon, and suffice to say if this were real, we’d definitely watch it.

YouTuber veselekov created this masterpiece in celebration of the impending release of Dark Souls 2, and the positive reaction from fans has been so immense that the animator is asking if viewers would like to see him create a full series based upon this “trailer”.

The video features suitably cheesy lines that harken back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons such as He-Man and ThunderCats, and it also features gunfire and a Terminator-esque glowing red eye because, y’know, the 80s.

Dark Souls 2 is set to be released starting from March 11th in the US on Xbox 360 and PS3. A PC release is planned for later in the year though, worryingly, developer From Software has not yet revealed when this will be.

Watch the video below.


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