GTA Online’s Valentine’s Day Massacre Revealed

GTA Online will be receiving an update this Friday (February 14th) that will bring free DLC to the game, with developer Rockstar branding the update the Valentine’s Day Massacre.

The new DLC will add a slew of new content to GTA V‘s mulitplayer mode, including 10 new jobs, a new vehicle, a new gun and new attire.

The Gusenberg Sweeper will be available in Ammu-Nation stores in GTA Online and will also be placed in players’ inventories in the single-player mode of the game. The Albany Roosevelt, an armoured 1920s limo, will also be making its way to the game, along with new double-breasted suits, flapper dresses, masquerade masks and “sexy” underwear. 

All the Valentine’s Day Massacre content will be available for a limited amount of time, though if you manage to pick it up when it’s available then you’ll be able to access it forever.

It’s nice to see some free DLC making its way to GTA Online, even if the game is otherwise littered with microtransactions.

Considering the amount of negative criticism lobbed in the direction of GTA Online, will Valentine’s Day Massacre convince you to dip your toes back into the multiplayer mode again? Or has Rockstar already blown their relationship with you? Sound off in the comments section.


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