VIDEO: Watch Korn Take on Gov’t Surveillance in ‘Spike In My Veins’

Grammy Award-winning multiplatinum hard rock veterans Korn are stoking the fires of necessary conversations these days with a new video that brings governmental data surveillance and modern information overload to the pop culture conversation.

The “Spike In My Veins” video features Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, President Obama, Toronto mayor Rob Ford, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and more. The evidence is damning: we are a nation obsessed with pop culture, caring very little for the rights stripped away as we continue our gluttonous path of consumption.

“We are all so caught up in watching crazy media on the internet and TV that we are manipulated into ignoring that our privacy has all but disappeared,” Korn’s Jonathan Davis tells Rolling Stone.

Check it out below.

The band’s new album The Paradigm Shift is out now. The band kicks off a world tour starting February 20th in Australia.