The Big List: Chris Christie’s Traffic Nightmare!

Time to tell a pretty harmless joke on television, get called a lot of really awful things by a lot of people on Twitter, refuse to apologize, get the Comedian’s Medal of Honor and check out these links!


Gov. Chris Christie ‘Embarrassed And Humiliated’ By Traffic Scandal,0,6007650.story#axzz2pvJkYzFz

Creating traffic jams on purpose? I thought only Satan was capable of that.


Comedian Natasha Leggero Refuses To Apologize For Joke That Caused ‘Outrage’

#NoMoreComedianApologies #ThankGod


Why Burger King Gave Away Free Big Macs And Asked ‘Sellouts’ To Unlike Its Facebook Page

Ba da ba ba ba… McDonalds is lovin’ it?


7 Tricks For Looking Like A Grown Man And Not A Stupid Teen Baby

I feel kinda sorry for turd baby. He means well.


Upworthy: Springfield

If you click on only one Upworthy parody that uses Simpsons references today, it needs to be this one.


That’s all for this this teen baby edition of The Big List!


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.