2013 CraveOnline Sports Awards

…Of course we use the word ‘hardware’ lightly. Nonetheless, we like to think our awards are slightly different than all the rest. Below — in no particular order — is what made 2013 interestingly unique, fun, wacky, hilarious and entertaining in 2013.


Worst Hit of the Year

Rusian Casey (Wanganui Collegiate School, New Zealand) decks Kip Fawcett (Hamilton St. Paul’s Collegiate School, New Zealand) – Rugby.

We could have very easily given this to Jadeveon Clowney, but this New Zealand kid got decked just as hard with no pads.

Sexiest Athlete Caught On Camera

Katherine Webb

Many of us are tired of hearing about A.J. McCarron’s Auburn grad girlfriend. But we still can’t ever forget Brent Musburger nearly having an orgasm in front of a live television audience at her discovery during the 2013 BCS National Championship game.

This on-camera glimpse…

…Led to opportunities such as this…


Best Commercial

Foot Locker – Week of Greatness 2013: All Is Alright

Best Photobomb

Clemson kid at College Gameday

Worst Sports Host

A.J. Clemente

Who could forget this glorious West Virginia grad? It’s okay, last we heard he was serving drinks on the east coast — and we all know bartenders in BFE make more money than sports anchors in North Dakota.

Most Embarrassing Play

Manti Te’o

There were some pretty outrageous plays in 2013, but what could be more demoralizing than getting caught having a fake girlfriend? I guess having that fake girlfriend come out as a long-time gay acquaintance who then goes on national television to talk about how they played you. Thank you Manti, for making us all aware of the creeptastic ‘catfish’ in 2013.

At least we got this out of the whole ordeal:

Short Bus Award (we have a tie!)

Vladimir PutinSupporter and prime mover of Russia’s anti-gay laws

Richie Incognito Modern Day NFL Bully

Best Broadcasting Call

Auburn’s Rod Bramblett – Field goal return miracle vs. Alabama

Best Viral Video

Trick Shot Titus