Hacker Group ‘DERP’ Set Up a Police Raid on League of Legends Gamer’s Home


A hacker group calling themselves 'DERP' launched an attack on all of the servers populated by one particular livestreamer yesterday, resulting in many online PC games being affected as a result.

The livestreamer, who goes by the handle PhantomLord, saw the hackers attack his livestream on Twitch and even made a prank call to the police which resulted in a raid on his home.

DERP first hacked into Quake Live, a game which PhantomLord was streaming, and prohibited him from playing. Later on in the evening they also took down Dota 2, Club Penguin, World of Tanks and games hosted on Blizzard's Battle.net and EA.com as PhantomLord tried to desperately find a game that the hackers wouldn't be able to bring to its knees.

The hackers, who said that they were crippling the servers for the "lulz", posted multiple tweets throughout the night, including seemingly friendly messages to PhantomLord even though they shared his personal information online, which inevitably led to people ordering pizzas to his house.

Speaking of the police raid, which saw him being walked by gunpoint into the back of a police car, PhantomLord said: “You could clearly see how intense this gun is. I wasn’t scared. I knew what was going on. I was aware of the full situation. I was ready to explain all of this.”

He continued: “I later found out that the threat was something like a hostage situation, that I was holding five people hostage. That’s why they [the police] were that serious. I realized in the car that I have respect for the police. I’m a pussy. If shit would happen like that, no fucking way. Those people can do that. I just talk about dicks on the internet. A huge respect came out in that car.”