Top 10 Funniest Sports Moments of 2013

2013 had a lot of great laughs — and I can't lie, it took me a very long while to narrow this list down to only ten. After hours of debate and mental scrutiny, here are what I consider to be — by far — the most hilarious sports moments of the year. If you don't laugh, you literally don't have a soul.

numbers_set_10Tetherball Bear Goes Viral

numbers_set_09Bakersfield Condor Escapes At Hockey Game

numbers_set_08Penn State Grandma Destroys Beer Bong

numbers_set_07Foot Locker Releases Best Commercial Of Season

numbers_set_06 Funniest Sports GIF Ever (Michael Beasley rubs Anthony Tolliver's knee)


numbers_set_05Kid President's NCAA Tournament Bracket

numbers_set_04Washington State Fan Drowns In Popcorn

numbers_set_03North Dakota News Anchor Fired After On-Air Gaffe For Ages

numbers_set_02Bruins Kid Disgusted With Food

numbers_set_01Young Boy Steals Show At Pacers Game

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