Band of The Month: Irontom ‘I’m Better’ (Exclusive Performance)


December’s Band of The Month is the musical equivalent of a pile of high-powered illegal fireworks thrown into a bonfire at the most kickass party you’ve ever been to. Meet Irontom, an electrifying, unified front of brash, angular rock with a level of talent that gives us more than a hunch that these boys have one hell of a future ahead. 

Through pure rockin’ excellence laced with harmonies, charm and infectious buoyancy, Irontom has gotten the cosign treatment from none other than the amazing Alain Johannes (from Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Cultures), who produced both their Loose and Nitro EPs.

In week one we brought you a first taste of the Irontom session with the churning excellence of “Goin’ Slow,” and the crass, jarring crush of “What Will Happen To All The Indie Stars?” It was an enormously promising intro to the ecstatic energy brought by guitarist Zach Irons, singer Harry Hayes, bassist Dane Sandborg, keyboardist Daniel Saslow and drummer Dyl Williams, but that was just the beginning. They then followed up with a positively electrifying cover of Gorillaz’ smash hit “Feel Good Inc,” making the song their own with an added verse and a spastically awesome instrumental design.

Now comes an exclusive performance of “I’m Better,” a pop-driven, sneering track that sticks in your head and all but demands radio placement. See for yourself, exclusively on CraveOnline:

Keep up with Irontom below, and check back next week for an interview with Irontom, as well as the next Band of The Month session performance from the band!

Check out the Nitro EP in full at Irontom’s official site.

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