10 ‘Doctor Who’ Parodies

For 50 years, a time lord named Doctor Who has traveled in his super telephone booth (aka the Tardis) and stopped robo-dudes (aka Cybermen and Daleks) from reeking havoc using his power dildo (aka the Sonic Screwdriver, which still sounds kinda like a sex toy). In honor of the popular, long-running BBC sci-fi show, we bring you 10 Doctor Who parodies:


Super Café – Who’s A Hero

He can save anyone anywhere… except when there are exceptions.


Anime Doctor Who

So are the Daleks all piloted by a bunch of children?


The Doctor Games (Doctor Who Hunger Games)

Everyone wants that fez, but the scarf is truly king.


Guess Who? – Doctor Who Edition

This should probably be a real thing.


Doctor Who RPG

Who uses “Blink” on a Weeping Angel? Bad move, bro. Bad move.


Anime Doctor Who – Part 2

1.21 Giga-Whos!


Becoming Addicted To Doctor Who

I’m not a huge Doctor Who fan, but I’ll take a free Tardis door when it’s offered to me.


Rowan Atkinson Is Doctor Who (Classic Comic Relief)

Revenge is a dish best served “deadly.”


Doctor Who: How Doomsday Should Have Ended

I love—oh, sorry, bad connection. Gotta go!


The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Song

That’s why I reject all Cybermen friend requests.


Geoffrey Golden is the author of Frankenstein’s Girlfriend, a bestselling humor book on Amazon.