Gran Turismo 6 Preview Event at Willow Springs Raceway

Gran Turismo has long been the go-to title for the most realistic racing simulation game ever. And what better way to show off the game's realism than to slap you in the face with a direct comparison to real life that can't be argued with?! I'm no gaming expert, but I am definitely an expert on fun, and this was beyond awesome!

We headed out to Rosamund, Calif., to the Willow Springs Raceway, to check out the new Gran Turismo 6, and take a spin on the track behind the wheel of a brand new Scion FR-S.

Take a look!

**Gran Turismo 6 was previewed to select members of the press at Willow Springs. The game officially launches for all you awesome people on December 6, 2013. Don't miss it!**

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