Listen: M83 Returns With ‘Ali & Matthias’

We’re still waiting for M83 nucleus Anthony Gonzalez to follow up his fantastic 2011 album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, but the artist has spent his time working on soundtracks instead. After the Oblivion soundtrack, the latest is the music for a French film called You And The Night, and a cinematic track is available today for a taste of what’s in store. 

Check out “Ali & Mattias” below, from the soundtrack for You and the Night, which will be available digitally on November 19. The track is a tribute to French soundtracks from the 70s, and delivers a much more intimate experience than we’re used to from M83.

The soundtrack is for Anthony’s brother Yann Gonzalez’s first feature film. “This score is really for lovers and ghosts,” Anthony explains.

Growing up together in Antibes, France, Anthony and his brother Yann were both inspired from an early age by European filmmakers such as Luis Bunuel, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Pier Paolo Pasolini. Similar themes underline each of their individual artistic expressions, via both film and music: an appreciation for the majesty of hope and an overall embrace of humanity.

Describing his career up until now, Yann explains, “If all of my films are put together they form a kind of ensemble, a sort of community. And that is precisely what You And The Night is about: an emotional community, the utopia of a community.”

For the Gonzalez brothers, community and family allowed them to grow into their roles as filmmakers and musicians, so when the time came to chose someone to create a soundtrack for his first feature film it was obvious that Yann would look to work with his brother.

For Anthony, You And The Night is a film about love, loss, new love and melancholia. He comments: “The movie is very emotional and it’s the movie of my brother, so it was a very important project for me. Yet as we share the same values, have the same artistic influences, it was also a very natural and uncomplicated process.”


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