Voodoo 2013 VIDEO: Maxim of The Prodigy on EDM Differences Overseas & More

Maxim, an original member and MC of The Prodigy, took a featured slot at Sunday’s run of artists at the Voodoo 2013 festival, the first time any of the Essex dance legends have played live in the the states since 2011. The Prodigy’s Maxim, Liam Howlett and Keith Flint are in the studio recording a new album set for release in 2014, but in the meantime, Maxim is bringing a flare of original tunes featuring English Fem-C Cianna Blaze, who will be performing live with Maxim on U.S. shores.

We got a first taste with Maxim’s floor-rattling new single, “Nasty Girl”, which he unleashed this month on Pure Volume, and last weekend at Voodoo fest we sat down with the man to discuss the differences in EDM between the USA and the UK, and his own different approach as a DJ to what he does in The Prodigy.


Voodoo 2013 Gallery: Maxim