The 10 Best (and 10 Worst) Marvel Movie Villains

There are dozens of movies based on Marvel comic books already, but all of them have a hero’s name in the title, even though a hero is nothing without his villain. The comic book giant has an impressive stable of bad guys for filmmakers to choose from, leading to a series of iconic villains and absolute, embarrassing misfires. The Marvel movie villains we’ve seen so far have been enormously hit-and-miss, so we decided it was time to take stock of who’s been done right on-screen, and who’s been done a terrible injustice.

So here we present CraveOnline‘s picks for The 10 Best (and 10 Worst) Marvel Movie Villains, chosen from Marvel Studios films and adaptations produced at other companies as well, because you know what? With a couple exceptions (below), Marvel Studios movies have spent so much time focusing on the Marvel heroes – a refreshing change of pace, to be perfectly honest – that many of their Marvel villains have been merely decent. Obadiah Stane? He represented the opposite of Iron Man’s ideals, but didn’t represent all that much of a threat. Whiplash? He’s just weird. The Abomination…? No.

And yet despite the incredible disparity between the good X-Men and the bad X-Men movies, that’s the franchise that – surprisingly to us – wound the most represented on our lists of both the best and worst Marvel movie villains. It probably helps that they’ve introduced a lot of villains, but either way, it’s an interesting observation. Marvel Studios may have a better track record of quality films, but Fox’s X-Men franchise totally dominates the villain landscape, for better and for worse.

But don’t waste any more time. See for yourself how the best and worst Marvel movie villains stack up against each other. We poured over every Marvel movie before we made this list, but if you think we missed something please let us know. That’s comments and Twitter are for.

Best and Worst Marvel Movie Villains

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