Live Review: Diplo, Chromeo Sweep L.A. Twerkers Into Super-Frenzy

There’s a difference between a concert where you’re surrounded by fans dancing and throwing their hands in the air, and a concert where attendees are swaying back and forth with their hands in their pockets.  

At Los Angeles’ Club Nokia Oct. 23, DJ’s Chromeo and Diplo satisfied fans at the Jack In The Box “No Curfew” co-headlining show, feeding the party-hardy crowd with grooves that kept the place rocking until the speakers were shut off and the house lights were turned on.  

The moment Chromeo grabbed the mic to open the evening, everyone in the balcony stood up from their seats and the entire dance floor rushed towards the stage. For the rest of the night, the crowd was eating out of the palms of their hands. Getting funky when the jams got funky, grooving when the duo was grooving.

You could tell lead singer David Macklovitch, was having a good time, because when he wasn’t pouring his low fi, high energy vocals all over his guitar riffs, he had a smile plastered on his face from ear to ear. This spread quickly to the crowd and back up on stage as the pair shot smiles, laughs, and hand gestures back and forth throughout the entire set.

By the time the first beats of the highly anticipated ‘Night By Night’ jam hit the sound system, the crowd was utterly possessed and could not help themselves from almost bringing the house down.

A quick set change…and…

Enter Diplo. Enter bass. Enter twerking.

Other than Michael Jackson and his famed Moonwalk, there aren’t many other artists so well known for embodying a specific dance move.  But it looks like Michael definitely has some competition in Diplo — and his army of twerking fanatics climbing all over the stage. 

I’ve honestly never seen so many legitimately good dancers on one dance floor, gyrating so accurately to an entire set. The girls at these shows dress to the nines, and come prepared to shake their f-in legs off – and some of them almost do.  At one point, I was very close to being struck in the face by a high-heel that was shaken loose from a girl wearing a full-body leopard leotard and construction helmet.


The two acts put on terrific performances that won the crowd over in spades.  I was happy to see that the party didn’t end once the curtains were drawn, and the twerking continued into the parking lot, and undoubtedly, into the wee hours of the morning.


Chromeo & Diplo: Live in Los Angeles