Band of The Month: The Wild Feathers Break Hearts With ‘Left My Woman’ (Exclusive Performance)


October’s Band of The Month featured artist The Wild Feathers finish their month-long run today with an achingly gorgeous collective-vocal take on their soulful track “Left My Woman”.

For their eponymous 2013 debut, The Wild Feathers enlisted Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant, the Wallflowers, Emmylou Harris) as producer, who pushed the band into an evolutionary excellence in his Nashville studio as they recorded the songs one at a time, mostly live to tape. Ranging from slow-burning heartcrushers to foot-stomping harmonic flurries of overwhelming depth, The Wild Feathers is as beautiful and promising as a debut album could hope to be. Listen to the entire album at Rolling Stone

CraveOnline met up with The Wild Feathers at Swing House studios in Hollywood for an exclusive Band of The Month session, recording a handful of tracks and an interview in which they shared the stories behind the songs. So far we’ve featured exclusive performances of The Wild Feathers’ lead single “The Ceiling,” and the achingly beautiful ballad called “If You Don’t Love Me,” as well as a captivating interview with Ricky and Joel.

Now check out a riveting performance of “Left My Woman”:


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