Come See Titanfall’s Xbox One Box Art


Titanfall was one of the most praised games at this year's E3, winning more than 60 awards at its original showing. Its success so far has been put on full display with its box art, which has been leaked by GameStop Germany.

You can see Titanfall's box art for Xbox One below. As seen before, the Xbox One will continue the family's heritage of bright green packaging that is easy to find at the store.


As revealed during interviews, Titanfall will be multiplayer only with no campaign to speak of. Because of this, the Call of Duty veteran developers at Respawn get to focus their work on the online experience. It has justified the move by stating that only a minor portion of shooter fans bother playing singleplayer, referencing Call of Duty as a prime example.

Titanfall will also be coming to PC when it releases next year.