F1 2013 Director Takes Shot at Gran Turismo Series

Gran Turismo might be the best-selling racing series of all-time, but it’s certainly not perfect. The F1 series is one of its greatest competitors, and after years of rivalry it has decided to take a cheap shot.

F1 2013 Creative Director Steve Hood stirred up some controversy by making fun of one of the GT series’ greatest weaknesses: its A.I. After being asked by a fan on Twitter if his upcoming game will have terrible A.I. he replied:

Are you getting our game mixed up with GT?

Well, that wasn’t very nice, but at least he wasn’t off the mark. GT has over a decade of experience and is still struggling to bring the same dynamic racing maneuvers seen in real world competition to the virtual track. In GT5 you could easily block opponents and overtake them with little thought. Gran Turismo 6 has a few more months of development but might fall victim to the same artificial A.I. behaviors.

In regards to F1 2013, those wishing to play it on Vita or Wii U will be sad to hear that Hood confirmed that it won’t be coming to either platform. He stated it doesn’t make financial sense. Ouch.



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