CraveOnstage Band of The Month: Nico Vega Delivers a Dangerous Charm

It’s not often that a band will find such success in a promotional EP that their full-length album gets pushed back, but very little is standard rock band procedure in the enchanting world of Nico Vega.

Nico Vega is the first featured artist in CraveOnline’s new Band of The Month feature, wherein we bring you weekly exclusive in-studio performances of our CraveOnstage sessions throughout the entire month, spotlighting some of the best artists on the circuit today. With a new EP Fury oh Fury, a new album set to arrive this summer and material for their next record already in the works, there’s no shortage of musical treasure for longtime fans of the band to sink their teeth into – as well as a strong back catalogue for newcomers to mine as they fall deeper in love with a band we’ve been screaming about from the digital rooftops since 2008.

Watch our exclusive interview below as vocalist Aja Volkman breaks down Nico Vega’s plans for the immediate future, and explains the resurgent success of “Beast,” the band’s signature song and anthemic set-closer – one of the very first songs they wrote together.

Whether creeping through quiet, somber melodies or raucous rockers baring fangs with wild eyes, what makes Nico Vega so damned good is the seamless cohesion and unified spirit among members. Volkman’s voice grabs you by the heart and slugs you in the gut, conjuring an enchanting blend of primal lust and dumbstruck awe as she spans between silken crooning and animalistic howls. Guitarist Rich Koehler peels off layered riffs and infectious six-string melodies with razor focus painted as cool nonchalance, while the intensity of drummer Dan Epand is infectiously energizing – the guy never sits on his stool for more than a few seconds! The newest addition to the Nico Vega family is Jamila Weaver, an enthusiastic dose of smooth holding down the low end on bass and rounding out the band’s sound with added nuance and rhythmic depth.

Nico Vega brought the fire to our latest CraveOnstage session, kicking off our Band of The Month feature. Check out the first of four songs from the performance, a looptastic take on “Back of My Hand” – and if there’s any question as to why we’re calling Aja a gene-splicing hybrid of Tina Turner and Janis Joplin, pay special attention to the last 90 seconds of the track:

After outshining the headliners on countless local tours, Nico Vega have come into their own as bill-topping rockers worth believing in, that rare authentic gem atop a mountain of cubic zirconium. Check back next week for another installment of their CraveOnstage performance, and keep up with the band at the following links:

Facebook / Official Site / Twitter


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