13 Terrifyingly Awesome Horror Movie Soundtracks

The door slams downstairs. The girl, alone and in only a towel from her shower, slowly inches down the stairs to see what the noise was. With each step the music expands the tension, your heart beats faster, your palms sweat, and you start yelling for her to run not go into the basement. BAM! The theme music begins, the killer or monster or combination thereof steps into camera, and the chase is on. Our heroine tries her hardest, but in the end, she’s just another victim. The stalking, the chasing and the killing were scary on their own, but not nearly as terrifying as those elements narrated by a genius score.

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When a soundtrack fires on all cylinders, nothing comes close. To celebrate the sheer terrifying awesomeness of the movie soundtrack, we’ve gone into list mode, creating a short guide to walk you through the dark world of music. We’ve spent the last few weeks pouring over all the horror soundtracks in existence to come up with 13 Terrifyingly Awesome Horror Movie Soundtracks.

Dig it – IF YOU DARE!!