Exclusive: The Casualties List The Most Influential Punk and Hardcore Bands


Rising from the grit of New York’s meanest streets, The Casualties are still angry as ever, keeping the spirit of hardcore-punk alive after two decades in the game. Taking their inspiration from early leaders and the metal-edged NYC hardcore of yesteryear, The Casualties deliver street-level punk with a new level of aggression on their new album Resistance, which arrives Sept. 25.

Resistance rails vehemently against a dystopic world gone mad: failing world banking systems, the regression of personal rights, and the poisoned corporatocracy among them. Resistance is The Casualties at their most metallic, most vicious, and most anthemic in years, and proves beyond a doubt that true hardcore-punk is not dead.

To celebrate, the guys put together a list of the Most Influential Punk and Hardcore Bands that are still relevant as ever today, along with some colorful commentary, exclusively for Craveonline!

The Subhumans: Straight up amazing punk rock music, paired along with intelligent, controversial lyrics. And STILL put on killer live show.

7 Seconds: Fast. Catchy. Positive. Influential. And from Reno? The Crew still gets my blood pumping.

G.B.H: One of the pioneers of UK street punk. They keep it real. Always stayed true to their sound, great people and still sound so good live.

Murphy's Law: Their records rule and will always stand the test of time. Plus they have always done something punk and hardcore bands often forget to do. Have fun. 

Discharge: Influenced so many "Dis" rip off band but can not be copied. Brutal, fast, heavy, scary. Everything I wanted in a hardcore punk band.

Black Flag: They pretty much started the west coast Harcore punk genre. Their mixture of sounds and the album artwork will remain untouchable. You still cant help wanting to punch someone, or flip a police car when you listen to Damaged. 

The Exploited: High speed, Mohawks, Violent. Killer riffs. The quintessential street punk band. 

Bad Brains: They blew everyone away and still do. Most amazing style and sound ever. MIx of hardcore, punk and reggae has influenced so many great bands over the decades.

The Ramones: If it was not for them, I do not think any of the other bands I listed and countless more would have ever existed. Including The Casualties. They were catchy, ugly, tough, fun, and raw. So good.

There you have it! You've made it this far, so it's only fitting that we bring you a sick little reward – check out the brand new Casualties track "My Blood. My Life. Always Forward" from their new album Resistance

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