Mastodon / Jane’s Addiction / Dillinger / Volta Supergroup Has a Name

While many if not most of us were over the term 'supergroup' before it really became the musical fad, a few all-star collaborations have yielded some incredible results. For every Metallica/Lou Reed debacle, there's a Them Crooked Vultures pickin' up the slack and obliterating expectations.

The same will likely be the case for another recently announced supergroup, consisting of Mastodon guitarist-vocalist Brent Hinds, the Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman, former The Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen and ex–Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery. They're called Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, and though we haven't heard a note yet, we're excited as hell.

Even better: the band has already written new material. Weinman revealed the new band's moniker in a blog post on Dillinger's website. The six-stringer also mentioned that he and Hinds have been putting off days on the current tour featuring Mastodon and the Dillinger Escape Plan to good use.

“So about G.T.O (Giraffe Tongue Orchestra), Brent and I have already got new material,” Weinman says. “The guy just spits out riffs like a riff machine. Day off tomorrow in Colorado and we shall be working all day on sweet sweet melodies sure to make the young girls cry and the old ones scream (not necessarily in that order).”

We'll keep you posted on sounds as they develop. In the meantime, the metal/hard rock world has a new reason to get excited, and for once it's not about a bunch of old men reuniting to play old material.