Oops! iTunes Leaks Bon Iver’s New Album


iTunes has apparently unintentionally leaked Bon Iver’s new album, a month before its official release date.


Rolling Stone reports that savvy iTunes users recently discovered the entirety of Bon Iver’s second self-titled album on the Apple music service. Fans snapped up the record from the online music shop, a full month before it was meant to go up. Speculative logic suggests that iTunes only meant to off the first single, "Calgary," when they offered up the entire record.


So far, iTunes is pulling a Sony and hasn’t commented, but of the handful of users who were able to buy the album before it was taken down, someone uploaded it somewhere, and it soon appeared in all the usual-suspect places one would find such leaks.


The band’s frontman Justin Vernon and their label Jagjaguwar both declined to comment about the error, which is undoubtedly crushing to the artist and management.


Bon Iver will officially be released on June 21. Bear in mind that the band and label are both independent when deciding whether to grab a free copy. To accompany your moral dilemma, listen to first single "Calgary".


Pick up the album at Bon Iver’s official site.