10 Things ‘The Kardashians’ Can Teach Men About Healthy Relationships

The Kardashians get a bad rap. (And we aren’t talking about any particular Kanye West song.) No, the most famous (and arguably most attractive) family in the world is often ridiculed for its shallowness, nepotism, tone-deafness, and overall idiocy. We’re as guilty of poking fun at them as the next site, but the reality of this reality TV clan is that they know a thing or two about the importance of relationships.

The Kardashians may not always get it right, but they try — to create and be in harmony, to be sensitive and inclusive, and to protect and push one another. As enviable as they are in many respects, in others they’re just like us: stumbling through this thing called life, trying to figure out what matters most and how to take care of the ones we love.

While men aren’t necessarily the target demographic for Hulu’s new series The Kardashians, there’s an abundance of lessons and insight about healthy relationships on the show that dudes could benefit from. To save you the painful task of sifting through the often-ridiculous and frivolous series, we did the binge-watching for you and have distilled down the wisdom therein into 10 useful tips.

Cover Photo: Hulu


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