Mandatory Awards Show Battles: Golden Globes vs. the Oscars

We’re deep in the midst of awards show season. Cue red carpets, bespoke fashion, politically-infused acceptance speeches, and a whole lot of golden statues. For entertainment fans, the awards show options seem endless, but we only have so much time to see who wins what. For TV fans and movie buffs, that means narrowing down awards show screentime to the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. But these two broadcasts vary greatly in their approach to handing out accolades, and only one can be deemed the best. That’s why we’ve pitted the Golden Globes versus the Oscars in the first-ever Mandatory Awards Show Battle!

Cover Photos: Kevin Winter / Staff and Frazer Harrison / Staff (Getty Images)

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It used to be that the Golden Globes served as the precursor and predictor for the Oscars. The Golden Globes were awards show foreplay, if you will, but the Oscars were always on top. Now, however, with the increasing availability, quality, and popularity of television series, especially on streaming services, the Oscars seem downright restrictive and old-fashioned in their focus on film. Coupled with the Academy’s lack of inclusivity, it won’t be long before no one under the age of 80 gives AF about the Oscars.

Overall Winner: Golden Globes

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