KeanuCon 2020: 10 Things To Expect From The Greatest Film Festival In The World

Photo: Lionsgate

Leave it to Scotland to celebrate a true legend. The first film festival dedicated solely to Keanu Reeves was put on by Scottish film society MatchboxCineClub last month, showcasing 11 classics from Reeve’s oeuvre. At less than $30 a ticket, it was certainly an investment worth making. But hopefully, KeanuCon is just the beginning.

The man who built more franchises than Stan Lee’s brother deserves a Con that celebrates life beyond his film works. We hope next year the festival evolves into all things Keanu, surpassing ComicCon in both attendance and cultural relevance. As it quickly becomes the most talked about event in world history (probably), here are our predictions for KeanuCon Year 2.

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