Late, Great Filmmaker John Singleton Was A Man Among ‘Boyz n the Hood’

Photo: Robyn Beck (Getty Images)

John Singleton, the trailblazing filmmaker who broke through the Hollywood gates with the seminal 1991 film Boyz n the Hood, died on April 29 due to a stroke that occurred earlier in the month. The two-time Oscar nominee (Best Original Screenplay and Best Director) was a rare triple threat (writer-director-producer) and the leading voice in a new kind of African-American storytelling that we still see today in films like Black Panther and Get Out

Born and raised in Los Angeles, the USC film grad was ahead of his time as a pioneer of the diversity and inclusivity movements that we see today. Singleton made movies that focused on family and the push and pull of society. While Singleton will always be remembered for his stunning debut film, Boyz in the Hoodwhich he made when he was just 23, the filmmaker had his masterful hand in a number of films and television shows. Here are a few highlights from his career.

Rest in power, Mr. Singleton.

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