Axl Rose

Axl Rose Apparently Can’t Release New Music In Under A Decade Unless It’s For Cartoons

Photo: Paul Kane/Contributor (Getty Images)

Fans awaiting new music from Axl Rose might have to broaden their definition of what that means. The former superstar hasn’t seemed super interested in promoting new material. Or getting Guns N’ Roses back together. Or doing much of anything in regards to bringing us new songs.

That is, unless that song is coming from an unlikely source: cartoons. More specifically, New Looney Tunes. The Disney ensemble show is offering a preview of Rose’s first new music in over 10 years.

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Hopefully, this means Rose is entering a serious creative streak. Or it could mean we’re going to have to sit through Disney cartoons from now on to see his newest creations.

Who knows, maybe he’s trying to break the record he set with Chinese Democracy?

The video features Rose in cartoon form helping Looney Tunes fight off a giant meteor. The song itself, called “Rock the Rock,” has Bugs Bunny wailing out on guitar and Porky Pig on drums.

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