Fails and Feels: The Best and Worst Moments in Gaming 12/22/2018

Photo: Mark Davis (Getty Images)

You did it. You survived yet another week on this spinning orb! You deserve the reward of the (hopefully) relaxing weekend ahead! If you’ve had a busy seven days and haven’t managed to keep up with the latest gaming news, fear not, for Fails and Feels is here to get you all caught up. Here is the best and worst video games news!

First, let’s jump into the Fails, before we crack on with the Feels!


Photo: SouljaWatch


SouljaTech Game Consoles Seemingly Unstoppable; Company Launches $640 ‘Fuze’ and $99 ‘Mini’

Soulja Boy continues to crank out game consoles, with a total of four systems now available through his SouljaWatch website. The latest additions are the $640 “Fuze” and $99 “Mini.” Despite the impressive features advertised on the systems’ product pages, including the ability to play last-gen games, buyers have found that all four consoles are simply loaded up with emulators that play older titles. It remains to be seen if Soulja Boy will land himself in legal hot water, as Nintendo and Sega trademarks are undoubtedly being infringed upon.

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Black Ops 4 Emote Glitch Lets You Cheat Death

Black Ops 4 emote glitch allows users to cheat death. Performing one of the many emotes when being attacked by Nomad’s dog allows the emoting player to completely avoid any damage. This is obviously not intended and will likely be fixed soon. Nomad’s dog has already received a significant nerf which makes it less likely to survive on its own. Until Treyarch comes up with a solution, it’s good to know that you can dodge the doggo with a quick depressing of the D-pad!

PS4 Player Numbers May Have Accidentally Been Disclosed By Sony

Up until now, Sony has been very secretive about the number of players enjoying PlayStation games. Unless they are worth boasting about, in which case we get a self-congratulatory press release, the figures are usually well-hidden. Unfortunately, for Sony at least, the recent “My PS4 Life” video has provided a way for gamers to work out the player counts of many different titles. By providing both the percentage of players who have earned a Trophy, along with that actual figure, Sony has given away the total number of players for many gamesGrand Theft Auto 5 boasts the most with over 51 million players, if the Trophy stats are accurate.

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Photo: EA


Battlefield 5 TTK Changes Rolled Back to Original Values

Following community backlash for the time-to-kill changes implemented with a recent patch, EA DICE has rolled things back. No longer will weapons take significantly longer to kill, which was a change largely condemned by the existing player base. Upon restoring the time-to-kill values, DICE explained that the temporary changes had given the devs a “better idea of how to improve the game going forward, [with the team] already having begun taking steps to improve the experience for all players.” It’s good to see these changes rolled out before the winter break!

Solid Snake Voice Actor Reads A Metal Gear Christmas Poem to Fans

The original Solid Snake voice actor, David Hayter, performed a Metal Gear Solid Christmas poem alongside Liquid Snake voice actor, Cam Clarke. At the time of this writing, the video has over 26,000 Likes (and only 51 Dislikes), clearly delighting Metal Gear fans. With many great references and puns based on their Metal Gear adventures, both Hayter and Clarke perfectly capture their characters’ personalities. Though Hayter was later replaced by Keifer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, he has remained the “true” Snake voice actor for many fans of the franchise.

Smash Bros Ultimate Sales Reach 3 Million, Is Fastest Selling Game on Switch

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been a massive success, surpassing the 3 million mark in the U.S. only 11 days after launch. This makes Smash Ultimate the fastest-selling Switch game; an impressive feat when you consider the other exclusive titles available on the system, including The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. According to, Nintendo has seen U.S. Nintendo eShop 2018 sales more than double the amount seen in 2017. What’s more, this year’s Nintendo Switch hardware sales have made it the fastest-selling current-gen console, putting it above the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is pretty damn huge!

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