DJ’s Tomorrowland Performance (Art) Draws Love and Hate

Photo: Magnetic Magazine

Until this past weekend’s Tomorrowland music festival, Salvatore Ganacci was just another electronic music DJ with long hair and a perma-shiteating grin. Now, the European DJ is at the center of the on-again-off-again debate of the validity of EMD after Ganacci’s hilarious set at Tomorrowland went viral.

The must-watch “performance” seems to be a shitshow wrapped up in Red Bull overdose inside a troll job, featuring the DJ twerking in mid-song, floor humping, and doing his best Beyonce wind blown hair imitation.

Although most EDM fans found it good clean fun, not everyone seemed in on the joke, as Noisy called Tomorrowland “one of the worst festivals in the world,” mainly due to Ganacci’s act.