Memes Trolling JR Smith After Epic Game 1 Blunder Don’t Drop The Ball

Photo: Ezra Shaw (Getty)

Wow, plays don’t get much more crucial than last second buzzer-beaters. Fortunately for the Cleveland Cavaliers, no one was put under such tremendous pressure during the final play of Game 1 of the NBA finals last night (hey, we’re just trying to look on the bright side). That’s because J.R. either can’t keep score, or loves overtime. Yes, after sportscaster Stephen A. Smith claimed he’d be surprised if the Cavs won more than a single game against the Golden State Warriors …they lost. Whether or not victory was imminent will never be known, because the play never happened. Let’s got to the lowlight:

Of course, with every monumental screw up comes Twitter memes to really hammer it home. They certainly didn’t disappoint, as even someone who knows nothing about the sport of basketball can find something to enjoy here (they go off the rails into irrelevant territory pretty quick). Now for the highlights:

Too soon to say “better luck next year, Lebron?”