Does This Mean LeBron James Is Ditching Cleveland For The Lakers?

It’s no secret LeBron doesn’t like Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. The frugal billionaire wouldn’t re-sign the team’s GM last month with a competitive offer. So he jetted. Soon after, LeBron started sending out cryptic tweets before rumors started swirling that he was telling other NBA stars to stay away from the team, which also may explain why the Cavs didn’t land Paul George or Jimmy Butler.

For a team that’s made three straight NBA Finals, it all appears to be unraveling fast in Cleveland. It’s looking more likely by the day that LeBron will be leaving Cleveland for a second time after his contract expires following next season. If you’re a Cavs fan wondering if you should be freaking out? You should be freaking out.

Especially considering LeBron skipped the Espys Wednesday night to watch Lakers rookie phenom Lonzo Ball in a Summer League game.

Does this mean King James is considering becoming a Laker? You bet your ass it does.

No, J, you’re not reading too much into it.

LeBron would love to stay a Cavalier. It’s his hometown team. But LeBron is entering the final stage of his career where he’s not only turned into a mogul, but a guy who simply needs one thing — championships. And if Gilbert won’t spend the money to compete with the Warriors, LeBron is going to a team that will.

Although he has a one year contract with the Thunder, L.A.-raised Paul George wants to play for the Lakers next year. He’s a top 10 NBA player. Throw in future All-Star Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, new signee Kentavious Caldwell Pope, and rookie phenom Lonzo Ball, and this Lakers team is setup to make a serious run in the next two or three years if they add another star such as LeBron.

There’s no way The King has made his decision yet. But good lord have mercy did Ball make things interesting Wednesday night, going off for 36 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds, five steals and two blocks in just 36 minutes. I mean, look at this pass.

If Ball turns out to be the star the Lakers think he is, the purple and gold are one step away from becoming one of the most young, exciting teams in the NBA. LeBron knows this.

Watch out 2018. It’s going to be a crazy year for the NBA.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports. 

Photo: @NBA_Skits