Playboy’s Miss November 2017 Is Transgender. Brilliant Marketing, Guys.



When Hugh Hefner died, Playboy had to read all the social media posts about how he subjugated women and was a creepy misogynist who deserved to rot in hell, so they knew the only way for liberals to like his magazine again would be to either make Hillary Clinton or a trans woman a Playmate. They chose the trans woman, because she at least looks the part. Her name is Ines Rau. She tells Playboy:

“Being a woman doesn’t mean being extremely feminine all the time,” she declares, her voice a seductive Parisian rasp. “Being a woman is just being a woman.”

I guess that’s one way to say it. Social media tells me since I’m a man, I’m dumb and inherently evil and perpetuating the systematic oppression of women in my spare time, but before the revolution starts after fall season, I’d like to ask a legit question. How does trans women taking over spots in things specifically allocated for women work with feminism? Like, I understand trans women are women, but I mean women who weren’t born named “Keith” (this is not Ines’ real name). Are you cool with that? Say, if the first woman President was born with a penis would we all be expected to celebrate her breaking that glass ceiling or would that come with an asterisk? How many think pieces will their be? I’m genuinely curious. Either or is fine with me. We’ve had like 45 men Presidents so far, so my base has been fully covered.