Chris Brown Is Handling That Aziz Ansari SNL Joke Pretty Well, Everyone


During his monologue on SNL last week, Aziz Ansari called Donald Trump “the Chris Brown of politics“. It’s a pretty apt comparison. Surprisingly, Trump didn’t take the bait because he was probably like, “true true”. You know who did respond? Chris Brown. In the most Chris Brown way possible.


FUCK NO!!!!!! Somebody tell ALADDIN HOP OFF MY DICK!.

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Chris Brown calling Aziz Ansari “Aladdin” might sound racist to some, but Chris Brown didn’t vote for Trump, so who can really say? Twitter has taught me you can only be racist if you voted for Trump. If that’s changed in any way, let me know. Big if true. Here’s some pictures of Ivanka Trump because they’re kinda topical and she’s hot af.



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