The Teen Choice Awards Had People Upset

The 2016 Teen Choice Awards were last night, and since you can’t do shit without at least one person being outraged, people were outraged. 

Fans of Christina Grimmie are in an uproar over the omission of the slain singer’s name during the Sunday night (July 31) broadcast of the Teen Choice Awards, which was dedicated to ending gun violence. The late YouTube star and Voice alum won a posthumous award for Choice Web Star: Music, but was not referenced in a special segment where host Jessica Alba called victims of gun violence from San Bernardino, Newtown, and Orlando to the stage. The group asked viewers to take to social media with the hashtag #StoptheViolence….Fans immediately took to Twitter, but not in the way the FOX show intended. Many voiced their outrage that Grimmie — a victim of gun violence when she was murdered by a crazed fan at a meet and greet after a show in Orlando — didn’t rate a tribute or acknowledgment of her win.

In case you don’t remember, Christina Grimmie was shot to death at her own concert a day before the Pulse nightclub shooting in the same city. And I guess her fans are mad she didn’t get a special shoutout, because some victims of gun violence are more important than others or something. Not clear. Although, the case could be made that if you’re doing a segment on gun violence, that a brief mention of somebody who was, you know, killed by a gun and who also given an award on the same show would be the right thing to do. The case could also be made that it’s almost noon and I need to get this post with 40 pictures up so you’ll click on them during your lunch break. But yeah, #StoptheViolence and stuff.