Three People Died Because They Went To See ‘Trainwreck’

Inside Amy Schumer is probably the hottest new feminist show written by a man, but Amy Schumer is doing movies now. Her first one is called Trainwreck, and last night a dude walked into a theater in Lafayette, La then killed two people and injured nine others before, of course, killing himself.  I mean, Trainwreck? At least James Holmes had taste.

The victims range in age from their late teens to their 60s, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said. The man did have a criminal record but it was “pretty old,” according to Craft. After the man opened fire, he tried to leave with the people fleeing the theater, Craft said. But investigators believe that he spotted two officers in the parking lot, then turned around and went back into the theater. He then fired a single shot, and officers found him dead inside.

The shooter, John Russell Houser, had wigs and stuff in his car, but it’s unclear if they were powdered, but I assume they were since he was a member of the Tea Party.

Police identified the man responsible for killing at least three people in a Lafayette movie theater Thursday night as 59-year-old John Russell Houser, a “kind of drifter” who had been living in a nearby motel… But Craft says officers “have very little information about Houser” and are still working to determine his motive. He did appear to be a member of the Tea Party—a profile registered in 2013 matches his biographical details.

If the whole “59-year old white man” and “Tea Party” didn’t fully connect the dots, Houser was also a white supremacist and had a special place in his heart for the Westboro Baptist Church. But I guess he was frustrated because it’s hard to convince yourself that you’re a member of the master race when you’re living in a motel in Lafayette. But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions here. He was probably influenced by video games or smoked a lot of marijuana beforehand. For her part, Amy Schumer said what you’re supposed to say after a mass shooting, because if victims and future victims of gun violence need one thing it’s “thoughts and prayers”. Those always seems to work best when you’re shrugging and wringing hands.