Joseph Gordon-Levitt Got Married Last Month Without Us

What we know off top: he didn’t marry a Kardashian or a Jenner.

Surprise! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a married man. The actor secretly wed his girlfriend Tasha McCauley at their home on Saturday, Dec. 20, his rep confirms to Us Weekly.

You really can’t say anything bad about this dude unless you want to bring up Don Jon. Scarlett Johansson sounded like she learned her New Jersey accent through headphones on the way to set.  But that’s cool. But what’s way cooler is that his new wife is the CEO of some NASA-based robotics lab place. His wife does shit with robots. For NASA. And he’s a famous actor who does a lot of stuff on the Internet. It’s gonna be weird when their child grows up to be Bruce Wayne. That should be an extra feature on the rerelease of The Dark Rises.