You Can Buy A ‘The Interview’ Poster on eBay For $1k



Merry Christmas to the bro on your list.

They range in price from 99 cents to over $1,000. There are nearly 500 of them available on eBay. We’re talking posters from the ill-fated The Interview the most talked-about film that may never be officially released. The movie was scheduled to open Christmas Day, but Sony pulled the release after major distributors decided not to show the film. They were reacting to terrorist-style threats from the Guardians of Peace cyber group which hacked Sony’s servers. Within minutes of that decision on Thursday afternoon, people started selling and buying The Interview Christmas Day premiere posters, banners and paraphernalia on eBay. At first, the highest bids were around $40 — but within 24 hours, some of the double-sided, 27 in. by 40 in. posters were receiving bids in the hundreds of dollars.

I mean, as far as movie posters go nowadays (“here’s the two stars’ giant faces and some stuff in the back and some words!”), this is a pretty decent poster. The movie is eventually gonna come out and suck, so either the resale value for these probably won’t be as much or it’ll be triple. You never really know with people. The only reason you’d want this poster in your house is for somebody to come over then ask you about it so you can tell your little story, but I try to get people out of my house as quickly as possible. That’s why I have a Cannibal Holocaust poster.