Steve Carell’s North Korea Movie Got Scrapped

Hollywood is collectively flipping it’s shit right now over terrorist threats by North Korea, so there’s cancelling movies that haven’t even been made yet. But Steve Carell in a “paranoid thriller” though? Idk, maybe this is for the best.

The chilling effect of the Sony Pictures hack and terrorist threats against The Interview are reverberating. New Regency has scrapped another project that was to be set in North Korea. The untitled thriller, set up in October, was being developed by director Gore Verbinski as a star vehicle for Foxcatcher star Steve Carell. The paranoid thriller written by Steve Conrad was going to start production in March. Insiders tell me that under the current circumstances, it just makes no sense to move forward. The location won’t be transplanted. Fox declined to distribute it, per a spokesman.

I don’t want to tell this company how to do it’s job, but, like, go through the script and replace every “North Korea” with “Cuba”. Problem solved. Maybe you can even get Jay Z and Beyonce to make a cameo. That would be pretty cool.