Toni Garnn Mentioned Having Kids With Leo, Got Dumped

Model Toni Garnn has been dating Leonardo DiCaprio for two years. Things were going well. Parties, weekends on yachts, blah, blah. Then she gave an interview with GQ where she discussed what it’s like to hang with Leo. Then she said she wants 4 kids.

“Ha! That never happens. Never. I make plans—I never just do nothing. A weekend off?! Let’s go somewhere. Let’s fly somewhere,” she says. “I kind of know one day I’ll have responsibilities and not be able to do this. But I don’t have a dog. I don’t even have a plant. I have nothing to take care of, which I love. One day I want it to be different, of course.” One day meaning kids, which she has already daydreamed about: “I’m a family person, and I always wanted four kids. But we’ll see. We’ll start with one at some point, I don’t know.”

Leonardo’s response: Bye, Felicia. I know women who get in relationships then give the dude a date on when he’s supposed to marry her and get her pregnant, then get sad when they get dumped. Classic rookie mistake. Or they’re just over 30. So basically every woman. Stop doing that, ladies.