‘LeAnn & Eddie’ Filmed In A Rented Mansion Because They “Wanted To Look Rich”



More people watched me take a shower last night than the first season of VH1’s ratings nightmare LeAnn & Eddie, but at least they got to live in a cool Malibu mansion for free.

In order to help keep up appearances, the couple even pretended a rented Malibu mansion (probably paid for by VH1) is their actual home! “That house ups the glamour and makes LeAnn and Eddie look like they’re living the high life,” says a source close to the production. “They want people to think they’re rich, but the truth is they live in a much older, rustic house and definitely aren’t swimming in money.” A rep for LeAnn confirms that the house does not belong to her and Eddie, but claims the couple chose to film in swankier digs so as not to “disrupt [Eddie’s sons] by shooting at the real house.” Riiiiight. So in order to not “disrupt” the kids LeAnn and Eddie just took off to go live in a different house for six weeks? Sounds like some solid parenting.

I guess we can make fun of these two for pretending their life is more awesome that it really is, but have you checked your Instagram and Facebook lately? C’mon now. Did your husband actually win the “Best Husband Ever!!” contest or are you just making that up? Everybody thinks you’re making that up. Where’s the data?


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