The Entourage Movie Is Cursed

This is how I choose to read this. People reports:

Last time anybody will tell this actor to break a leg. While filming the Entourage movie, Kevin Connolly suffered that very fate while shooting a football scene with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. "Pain management advice from a Super Bowl champ!!! #brokenleg" the actor Tweeted along with a picture of himself and the football pro on March 21. But it looks as if Connelly has some serious skills when it comes to the sport. "This actually was during a take and my man @mrkevinconnolly came down with the ball!" Tweeted director Doug Ellin.

I could say my only regret is that Kevin Connolly didn't break both of legs, but that would make me sound like a dick. But good thing Connolly was on set with Russell Wilson. Because Russell Wilson is an N.C. State alum. And they just gradually kinda get used to being .500.


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