Awww Yeaaahhh, Ladies. George Zimmerman Is Single

George Zimmerman


Try not to soak through your chairs, ladies, but True American Patriot and Gun Fetishist Magazine's Mr. July 2013, George Zimmerman, is back on the market. Don't let us down, The Bachelor. TMZ reports:

Shellie Zimmerman's attorney says his client is preparing to file for divorce. He did not say the papers have been filed yet. Just last month, Shellie told ABC she was thinking about splitting from George now that the Trayvon trial was over — and that they'd been having problems since before the shooting. 26-year-old Shellie also said she perjured herself for George — lying to a judge about how much money they had — and was pissed he wasn't by her side when she stood trial.

And sorry, white people. All this money you've been sending George Zimmerman so he can buy a bald eagle to accompany him on his black kid hunts is all going to his ex-wife. Hey, Ted Nugent and Fox News. You're subsidizing a divorce, bros. Is that wasteful spending?  TMZ reports:

Some people who believed in George Zimmerman may be pissed off to learn … a chunk of the money he raised for his legal defense is now going to support his soon-to-be ex-wife … TMZ has learned. According to divorce docs that will soon be filed by Shellie Zimmerman, she claims she's getting $4,300 a month in living expenses from the Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund.   The couple separated August 13th. According to the solicitation on PayPal … the fund is to be used "for George Zimmerman's ongoing living expenses, legal costs, and fees for this matter." Now it gets a little more complicated. George Zimmerman's official legal defense website says, "Currently George and Shellie are renting a secure residence at a reasonable rate.  Their day-to-day living expenses are relatively modest as they want to preserve as many funds as possible for an aggressive defense." But here's the thing.  He won almost 2 months ago, and the site raised more than $300,000.  He may still owe money to his lawyers, but the case is over and it's a little weird the $4,300 a month is going to Shellie individually … not the legal team.

Poor, George. He needs to change up his strategy and stop shooting teenagers. They usually don't carry a lot of cash on them.