This Woman Had A Complete Meltdown At The Redskins Training Camp


There's been a concerted effort lately to debunk the scientific factmyth that all women are emotionally unstable pressure cookers of unfertilized eggs and painted nails who can explode the crazy at any given moment, leaving keyed up cars, empty wine bottles, and subtweets in their path of destruction. Apparently women are crazy because they are most likely to suffer from anxiety. Probably from having to wait to talk during an argument so they can scream all the things they've been rehearsing for the last three days. But as many noted psychiatrists, like anyone who has ever had a girlfriend or wife knows, who knows when the crazy will be unleashed. Sometimes it can be the inability to go to a lake (or "LAAAAAAAAKKKKEEE!!!) , or as we learned today, because she was unable to get an autograph at the Washington Redskins training camp. Be careful out there, men. It's cray out there as they say.


[h/t Uproxx]