Police Wanted ‘Clarification’ From Mindy McCready

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The coroner has yet to rule a cause of death on Mindy McCready‘s boyfriend, David Wilson, even though the police have already spoken to the only person in the house at the time of his death three times. That person? Mindy McCready. So what would a single gunshot to the head be if it’s not suicide? Exactly. People reports:

“At first, she said she hadn’t heard the gunshot because the TV was too loud. Then she said she had heard the gunshot,” the source says. “So obviously there were a lot of questions, and the Sheriff was asking for clarification.” But before investigators could re-interview her, the long-troubled country singer also would die under eerily similar circumstances, her body discovered at the same Heber Springs, Ark., house just feet away from where David Wilson died. After Wilson’s death, McCready, 37, spoke to investigators three times, but they didn’t feel as if they were through with her….”At no point did [police] tell her she was a suspect, and she wasn’t officially one,” says the source. “But she knew that some of her answers didn’t stand up to questioning. She was very cooperative, but she just wasn’t making a lot of sense.”

Look, I’ve watched enough Law & Order to know that the police don’t go around saying, “Hey, you’re a suspect. Mind if we speak to you multiple times?”. She wasn’t officially a suspect because she was unofficially a suspect. Because as it turns urns out, if somebody is murdered, a good suspect would be someone who was there who is a singer yet somehow can’t hear a gunshot in the next room.