Joe Simpson’s Gay Prostitute Is Giving Interviews Now

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“Oh, haaaayyyyy.” – Joe Simpson

As you already know, Joe Simpson is a youth pastor who has devoted his life to God and his family. Hahaha, I meant he trolls and pays for gay sex with male prostitutes named “Joey”. Radar Online reports:

The explosive bombshell comes from the National Enquirer, who spoke with 32-year-old Joey Anderson, a New York City-based male escort who passed a polygraph test recounting a steamy three-hour tryst with Joe at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in May. “Over the course of two hours or so, we rolled around, kissed and gave each other oral,” Joey told the Enquirer. “We’d take breathers and then start up all over again. He seemed to have an insatiable appetite for sex and never really appeared tired.” The former Baptist minister was “very much pleased” with the session, according to Joey, and paid him $600 “for my time, not for sexual services.”

So, good luck not thinking about Joe Simpson on the floor blowing some dude for $600. Happy Halloween, everyone!


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