Lisa Lampanelli Is Mad

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Lisa Lampanelli is mad at NBC for giving her shitty Knicks tickets. For free. TMZ reports:

Lisa Lampanelli is demanding a “BIG F**KING APOLOGY” from NBC … claiming the network completely disrespected her at the NY Knicks game last night … in front of thousands of people. Lisa — who was just announced as a contestant on the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice” — had just completed a hardcore day of promoting the show … when she WENT OFF on the peacock. Lampanelli says she was invited to Madison Square Garden along with two of her co-stars — former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza and “Real Housewives” star Teresa Giudice. But when they got the tickets, Lisa says Dayana and Teresa were placed in the front row … while Lisa was forced to sit all the way in the back. Obviously, Lisa was PISSED.“I said, REALLY?? Well, guess what NBC … you owe me a big f**king apology.” She unloaded, “You think anyone is watching that ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ for anybody except me and a couple other people who really keep the ball rolling?”

“I’ll expect my gift basket with your apology and some GOOD Knicks tickets tomorrow .. ’cause I killed myself for you for 18 hours today.” And the worst part of all … the front row seat next to Teresa and Dayana was EMPTY!!!

I couldn’t tell at first what annoyed me most about this story. It wasn’t the fact that she took it so personally because there’s no possible way that a clerical error may have occurred that separated Lisa Lampanelli’s ticket from her costars, and no chance whatsoever that the seat may have been reserved for someone else who happened to not show up. Then I considered the overwhelming sense of entitlement it takes to complain about a freebie. But I finally realized the dumbest part of this whole thing isn’t that Lisa Lampanelli thinks she deserves free courtside tickets, or even that she thinks she’s the reason that anyone watches Celebrity Apprentice. It’s the idea that anyone watches Celebrity Apprentice at all.


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