Kris Humphries Got Busted

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Not playing out his wife, but potentially proving their brief marriage was a sham. Radar Online reports:

While it appears that Kris Humphries was caught partying with a bevy of blondes in the New York suite he shared with then-wife Kim Kardashian, has exclusively discovered that E! cameras were rolling during the incident. In a photo posted in September by Twitter user “shellmerci”, Humphries is seen in the background while the blonde snaps a photo, but also snapped is a large production camera in the upper right hand corner, clearly filming everything. Leading to the question: Is the entire “cheating” scandal a set-up for their hit show, Kourtney & Kim Take New York? published the photos and videos posted by the Twitter user that allegedly partied with Humphries that night at the upscale Manhattan hotel he shared with Kim, the Gansevoort, in which several girls are giggling as they flaunt monogrammed cloth with the initials “KH” and “KK.” On December 11, another Twitter user named “glfitzpatrick” wrote: “@shellmerci is the acct that’ll b featured n next weeks #kktny.”

Look, I doubt Kris Humphries can read, and if he weren’t 30 feet tall he’d probably scrape his knuckles whenever he walked. Fair enough. But even then, does anyone still think he’d be stupid enough to cheat on his wife when her reality show cameras were in the same room? Especially when there’s also a token ugly friend taking pictures of everything that goes on? Probably not. But when your urinal cake of a wife has complete editorial control over everything the public sees you do, that’s what it’s going to look like.


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