Ryan Dunn Was Piss Drunk. Officially.

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Hey, remember that thing Roger Ebert said? In the immortal words of a Roman soldier in Calvary, “NAILED IT!”. TMZ reports:

Jackass” star Ryan Dunn was extremely intoxicated at the time of his fatal crash Monday morning … with a blood alcohol level of more than TWICE the legal limit … this according to cops. West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll told the Daily Local News … Dunn’s B.A.C. was .196 … nearly two-and-a-half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is .08. Carroll added, “No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol.”

So, there you have it. A real tragedy. Or, another way to say it, an easily avoidable dick move if Ryan Dunn called a cab and didn’t feel the need become The Angel Of Death every time he decided to go to a bar. That’s why I only drink Zima.


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