Jon Gosselin Is Living The Dream

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Apparently scientifically engineering a family of ten for fame and fortune doesn’t pay what it used to. Man, that sucks. TMZ reports:

Sporting a rhinestone-free safety harness and hardhat — former reality star Jon Gosselin was laboring away at his new J.O.B. this week … installing solar panels on the roof of a storage building. The ex-computer technician scored a gig with Green Pointe Energy — a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in renewable energy. Those Ed Hardy shirts don’t pay for themselves …

Let’s be honest, Jon Gosselin is an irresponsible jackass who whored out his kids for a free hair transplant and a Buckle credit card, but I’m seriously surprised he’s still alive. Yes, he cheated on Kate, but what the fuck was his alternative? Blowing his brains out? I can’t even stand be in the same room with that sanctimonious bitch when she’s in HD. If I had to live with that chick, there’s a good chance “how to decapitate yourself with a bear trap” might be in my Google search history.


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